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Laser = Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Laser cutting is a versatile non-contact process to accurately cut a diverse range of materials using an intense beam of light. It has a huge advantage over more traditional methods because of its speed, accuracy and precision. The laser cutting method gives the option to switch quickly between multiple applications and set-ups, saving time and the need to run multiple machines.

The three main types of laser cutting are CO2, YAG and Fiber. Our series of laser cutting machines all use the CO2 method, which is ideally suited for cutting and engraving plastics, card, wood, leather and fabrics. Our five machines vary in size giving us the capability of engraving and cutting thick materials over large surface areas to intricate detailing work over very small areas.

Through years of working and experimenting with different materials, our London laser cutting technicians have come to truly understand these state-of-the-art machines and how each one has its own strengths. By working across so many different industries there is a natural cross-pollination of ideas, skills and to a certain extent trade secrets. This acquired knowledge gives our highly trained laser cutting operators the ability to offer specialist consultation.

The combinations are endless, which is where our knowledge and expertise comes in. We can recommend which laser cutting machine to use depending on your project needs. As laser cutting experts, we will work closely with you considering your project and advising on how to achieve the best possible results, however bespoke or challenging.

Our Shoreditch workshop offers full, on-site, laser cutting London services. For more detailed technical information about our laser cutting machines and capabilities please see our ‘Technical Info’ page.

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