In 1994 Robert and Marcia Danton-Rees founded Capital Models, a successful and renowned model making company.

Always keen to keep up-to-date with new technologies, in the year 2000 they purchased their first laser cutting machine. Little did they know that 17 years later this decision would open the door to new ventures. Due to the knowledge, care and attention given to each project over the years, the cutting side of the business gathered momentum and one machine evolved to five state-of-the-art machines, plus a 3-axis CNC machine.

With this steady growth, Robert and Marcia decided that a dedicated brand was required to fully represent the cutting services that were on offer – and so Swordfish Works was born!

Adapting the same vision, values and expertise that Capital has become renowned for, Swordfish Works offers the same great service but with a new name and a new approach. We are confident that by streamlining our laser and CNC cutting side of the business, Swordfish Works will offer an even more efficient service for all our cutting clients.

Our aim is to give creative solutions for London’s creative community.

Our multi-talented team of highly qualified staff are open to ideas and aren’t afraid to experiment. We focus on utilising the best technology for the individual job, allowing London’s diverse creatives to realise the potential of their designs.

Thriving on innovation and problem solving for our clients, we are approachable and friendly and we’re always willing to discuss a project however large or small. We fully understand the challenges our clients face and constantly work to overcome any so-called limitations.

Loving the creative journey, we collaborate with our clients the whole way and give access to our team and workshop throughout a project.

We are dedicated and work without restraints, instilling confidence for our clients’ ideas, resulting in truly inspiring pieces.

Swordfish Works Ltd
Studio 7 & 8 The Hanger
Perseverance works
38 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DD
(Access 25 Hackney Rd E2 7NX)

Tel / 020 3763 3100
Email / hello@swordfishworks.com