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Our favourite local café, Long White Cloud, serve the most delicious ethically sourced breakfasts, brunch and coffee. Their food is freshly made every day using only the finest organic ingredients.

They adopted the name Long White Cloud from the Maori word “Aotearoa”, which roughly translates to “land of the long white clouds”. This is in reference to the abundance of fresh produce from New Zealand, which is the home of the café’s first owner.

To clearly display the coffee and drinks menus in the café, we made signs from a UV resistant acrylic laminate that is perfect for laser engraving. By laser engraving the lettering, the background white colour of the laminate is revealed.

The signs are very practical, easy to wipe clean and information can be added/amended by using a white board marker.

For more info about Long White Cloud, go to / @longwhitecloudhoxton