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Laser cutting is so versatile, it’s always amazing what can be cut!

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Sometimes we are asked to cut the most delicate materials and our experienced cutting team has to be on top of their game to understand what methods to use for a project and successfully deliver.

We were recently approached by sustainable lingerie designer Sofia Sanchez to assist in the production of her Tendril collection. Our task was to individually laser cut layers of organza fabric that make up these beautiful ruffled sleeves.

Sofia Sanchez lingerie

Organza is a sheer, fine and extremely delicate silk so using a laser cutting technique was quite a challenge. One small mistake could lead to the fabric being pulled or frayed and potentially destroying lots of expensive material. But our dedicated team got to work…

We started by laser cutting out one individual piece to check it was correct. As each layer had to be completely uniform, we had to make sure this first piece fell and hung in a certain way before we continued with the cutting process.

laser cutting tendril lingerie collection

You may be wondering why a designer working with such delicate fabrics doesn’t use traditional methods of cutting the material by hand from a pattern.

Well, here are a few advantages of laser cutting fabrics:

  • You achieve the precise dimensions and details every time.
  • If the fabric contains an element of manmade fibre it will seal the edges and prevent fraying. This is useful when applying applique shapes and can also save seams becoming bulky as no over locking is needed.
  • It’s a quicker process than hand cutting especially if there a lot of pieces to cut.

We were delighted to work with the talented designer who recently won the prestigious Mare di Moda Creative Excellence Award for this stunning collection.

london laser cutting

And, we are working with her again on her newest and most innovative design, a one-off zero waste garment made with little puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece is made from calico, a sustainable plain weave cotton originally from Calcutta. Calico is quite a hardwearing material and fairly easy to laser cut, the collection is continually evolving, and we are looking forward to reporting how this turns out.

Laser cutting and the textile industry is a match made in heaven and serves many different purposes in the fashion world today. We, at Swordfish, are certainly not complaining!

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