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Laura Jane Scott, ‘Take One Shape’ Exhibition

This is the first time we’ve worked with the artist Laura Jane Scott and we were so inspired by her work and its link to architecture, that we decided to sponsor her ‘Take One Shape’ exhibition at the Foundry Gallery, 24th Nov 2017 until 27th Jan 2018.

‘Colour Makes People Happy’, a specialist shop dedicated to bespoke paint colour, also sponsored the exhibition and their unique colour palettes were used throughout.

The Foundry Gallery, which hosted ‘Take One Shape’ is situated in Chelsea, London and forms part of Le Lay Architectures who have their offices downstairs. The theme that runs throughout the Gallery is new contemporary art that explores the connection between art and architecture. Within this culture Le Lay Architects adopt quite a unique programme when every year they choose 3 artists to work with. Over a twelve-month period they support the artists in every way possible to inspire and curate work resulting in an exhibition. Laura Jane Scott was selected in 2017 and with the support of the Le Lay Architects programme, she produced a body of work resulting in the ‘Take One Shape’ exhibition.

All Laura’s pieces are derived from the simple rhomboid shape. Taking this one geometric shape she takes all the possible arrangements by laying one on top of the other. The result is stunning, combining mathematics with architecture, systematic pieces with simple form, colour and shape.

Take One Shape Exhibition
Laura Jane Scott laser cutting

Some of the larger pieces that dominated the gallery wall space were bold and confident yet because of the beautiful colour palettes used, had quite a calming affect. The smaller pieces, when all displayed together like “Arrangement of 40” were stunning, rather like one large piece but with a floating feeling.

Every individual piece within the exhibition was laser cut at our Swordfish Works studio. We supplied various thicknesses of MDF material (3/6mm MDF for the smaller pieces, which are based on a shape 14 x 14cm in size and 6/9/12mm for the large pieces, which are based on a shape 1 x 1m in size). We also provided hanging solutions for the large pieces using split battening.

The opening night was very well attended and it was a great to be there and see the finishing result, knowing that Swordfish had played a big part in making the exhibition happen.

Laura Jane Scott, ‘Take One Shape’ Exhibition

We are proud of our boutique, craftsmanship approach, and to our delight it seems Swordfish has become the ‘go to’ place for individual artists and designers. No project is ever too small for our team and we strive to be innovators and stay ahead of the curve with technology and techniques.

By sponsoring an exhibition such as ‘Take One Shape’, we believe we continue to support artists and individual designers, bringing ideas to life for London’s creative community.

Quite simply we #lovewhatwedo

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