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Studio Mean is a design studio in East London who work with a variety of brands, creating campaigns, brand identities and problem solving.

We have worked with Studio Mean on several projects and here is a couple of our favourites.

Track Campaign

We laser cut these simplistic Nordic designed keyrings from orange sprayed plywood.

The merchandise formed part of a branding/ad campaign for a fintech lifestyle App called ‘Track’, aimed at making shared home finance easy.

Glenfarclas Scottish Whisky

Glenfarclas distillery released an exclusive batch of 60-year-old single cask whisky that had survived following an almost catastrophic event back in 1959.

To launch the limited edition run of 105 bottles and to tell the whole story, this beautiful presentation book was made which slotted into a bespoke wooden stand.

For the booklet stand we raster engraved lettering on a CNC machined block of cherry, chiselling out the corners of the reveal so the book would sit comfortably.

To enable the book to be lifted from the stand two thumbnails needed to be carved at either side. We done this by using a 10mm ball nose tool that created a 5mm radius.

For more info about Studio Mean go to / @studio.mean