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Ludovic Lepage is an artist and heritage painter who uses a diverse range of techniques and a variety of materials for decorative painting and restoration.

Following art school graduation, Ludovic’s work gravitated towards beautifying interiors embracing his savoir-faire in countless specialist areas such as, trompe l’oeil paintings, painted decorations, patinas, decorative coatings, and gilding using gold leaf. He also specialises in the imitation of different materials such as faux wood, faux marble, ornamentation, frescoes, and cornices.

His work is unmatched, precise, and carefully executed, giving life to walls and ceilings down to the final detail. Whether it’s flights of butterflies, starry vaults, or gilded ornamentation, his work enhances cultural and artistic heritage around the world.

Ludovic’s workshop, Atelier Lepage, is a unique place an hour from Paris in Rouen’s arts and crafts district. The space acts as a showroom (by appointment only) where samples and models of his projects are available, including films and photographs of his most recent work. The space is also a workshop and occasionally used as a gallery to exhibit art works.

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