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Italian born, new media artist Matteo Zamagni, lives and works in London. His work re-embraces materials by using found objects that he combines with digital crafts, creating unique immersive installations that are exhibited internationally.

For his debut London solo exhibition “Refracted Bodies” at the Gazelli Art House, Matteo used technology as a tool to mix physical and digital worlds, exploring mankind’s impact on the environment and the connection between land and society. As a talented music producer, he also adds a sound element to most of his installations, stimulating the viewers senses even further, leading them into a deeper experience.

Working from Matteo’s intricate design drawings, we laser engraved random pieces of found plaster that he had retrieved from a Hackney demolition site. The beautiful delicate design against the rugged cracked plaster resulted in a stunning wall sculpture that was central to the “Refracted Bodies” exhibition.

A great example of re-embracing materials!

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