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We have worked with Mark McClure, a London based artist and designer, regularly over the past few years. We adore his work which varies from bespoke gallery pieces and installations to huge public art works on the side of buildings and structures.

We have laser cut various plywood parts for his mosaics, including this one for an exhibition called “Pseudo Public”.

Mark is generally inspired by architectural forms, structures and geometry. For his sculptural works, he often combines found materials and texture with clean lines and finishes – so think scrap metal with painted wood or Perspex.

“The Deep End” sculpture: wood and ceramic tiles

For flatter, mosaic works he uses painted wood alongside the grain of untreated wood or concrete elements. “The materials”, he says, “become a palette of both colour and texture”.

His mosaic works tend to start out as a sketch on paper or screen, then worked up to be either cut in his own studio or laser cut at our workshop before being assembled.

Colour is usually undecided until late in the process, in order to keep an element of chance and flexibility.

“Lens Series”: wood mosaic in tray frame

Untitled private commission for London property:
paint & wood mosaic with copper leaf

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