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Sculptor, Liam Fallon hails from the contemporary art scene of Manchester.

He was born in Stoke-on-Trent and his industrial family roots, (his father a bricklayer, and grandparents working in the ceramics/pottery trade) instilled a desire in him to work with heavy materials. As a young gay boy, he hid his sexuality from his family, and it was only when he attended the Manchester School of Art that he felt totally free.

Who would have known that Liam’s repressed emotions as a young boy would inspire the stunning, contemporary structures that he produces today.

On leaving art school, he was propelled as a talented, emerging artist when he won second prize from the acclaimed Woon Foundation. Shortly after this, his work was recognised and exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide.

Heavily influenced by the New York gay scene, Liam’s bold sculptures developed into objects and structures that expressed sexual freedom, acting as a narrative to his own life.

For his recent works such as “3’s a Crowd”, “Night Walking” and “A Definite Strangeness”, he contacted Swordfish for laser cutting services.

Working from Liam’s detailed CAD drawings, we laser cut various large-scale shapes from 9mm MDF. Liam then accurately constructs the sculptural pieces, using layering techniques and materials such as eco-friendly pigmented Jesmonite, pigmented rubber and spray-painting. He also uses any MDF offcuts for finer details. For more information about Liam’s work, go to / @lfallon